Soup Stocks and Croutons

Making Soup stocks and Croutons.

Soup Broth

Making Soups Broths
Course: Soup
Cuisine: New Zealand
Keyword: Soup
Author: steve


  • When making Stock for a soup base , use cold water with raw meat and bones and use hot water with cooked meat, eg. fowl car-case etc.
    Allow 950 ml of water to 450 grams of flesh and bones. Long, slow cooking is needed to draw all the flavour from the meat. Keep the lid on the sauce-pan to retain the flavour.
    Make the stock the day before the soup is required, standing overnight and remove the fat when cold.
  • Served fried croutons or snippets with thick soups.
    These are made by frying small cubes of bread in hot fat until brown on all sides. Serve wafers of toast or baked bread with clear soups.

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